Myers Sheetmetal is an ISO 9001 registered, full-service precision sheet metal fabrication shop. Our diverse capabilities allow us to manufacture one piece, prototypes and/or production quantities. We can plan methods and procedures needed to reduce the costs of manufacturing your sheet metal parts and assemblies.

Our in-house equipment capabilities include precision sheet metal fabrication, high speed turret punching, LASER cutting, LASER inspection, precision bending and forming, high frequency spot welding, TIG, MIG and stick welding, machining, surface finishing, pre-treatment, painting, silk screening and much more.

Our in-house equipment capabilities include:

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
High Speed Turret Punching

• Louvers
• Countersinking
• Form up tooling
• Flange forming
• Alpha/Numeric Stamping


• Etching
• Cutting
• Second laser operations

LASER Inspection

• Reverse engineering
• LASER profile inspection
• Source inspection

Precision Bending and Forming

• Rolling
• Stamping
• Coining
• Air Bending
• Bottom Bending
• Riveting


• Pem inserting
• Riveting

TIG, MIG, and Stick Welding

• Fusing
• High Frequency Aluminum Welding
• Surface Tension Transfer (STT)


• Horizontal Turning
• Vertical Milling
• Tapping
• Threading
• Countersinking
• Broaching

Surface Finishing

• Polishing
• Graining
• Deburring
• Grinding

Pre Treatment

• Phosphate
• Painting
• Masking
• Screen Printing


• LASER inspection
• Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GDT)
• First article report
• Traveling inspection report

Tight tolerance complex sheet metal fabrications in many cases require machining as a second operation. With our in-house machine shop, vertical CNC machining, turning, threading and grinding provide machine shop capability when required.

Stainless steel weldments and assemblies such as machine guarding, electrical cabinets, water tanks and decorative stainless steel weldments require surface finishing after welding. Our experienced and skilled staff can provide surface finishing and graining that blend the welded area into the grained or polished stainless steel making the welded area disappear.

When projects require surface pre-treatment, painting and/or silk screening, our in-house paint facility provides these services.

Quality Control (QC) at Myers Sheetmetal is an integrated process with a full-time quality control inspector. Our QC program has been built around Mil-I-45208 and Mil-I-45662. If your incoming inspection requires different procedures, or if your quality assurance department requires a specific set of process controls, we can modify our QC system to meet your needs.

Equipment Capabilities
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